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The state's economy begun with the fur trade with its first settlers to today's 10th largest manufacturer in the United States. Estimates put manufacturing over fifty billion dollars annually, approximately twenty percent of the state's gross income. Regardless of its manufacturing, Wisconsin is known as a major producer of cheese and dairy.

Wisconsin is governed by a governor and its lieutenant, 33 state senators, assembly in 99 districts, attorney general heading state's department of justice, Supreme court with seven justices, State Superintendent of Public Instruction in charge of education, Secretary of state which oversees elections, voting, records and databases, and State Treasurer.

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The state's legislature's two houses, Senate and Assembly, meet in the senate chambers located at the capitol building where meeting are held, debates and voting occurs. The 33 member Senate are elected to four-year terms and 99 Assembly members are elected to two year terms.

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Both, Senate and Assembly members must vote on bills to become law then sent to the Governor for signature. The Wisconsin municipal courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases which involve ordinance violations. If a municipality does not have a court, ordinance violations are heard in circuit court. Circuit courts have jurisdiction to hear all civil and criminal cases, including probate, juvenile, and traffic matters, as well as jury trials.

The court selects the cases it will review based on criteria described in state statutes.

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Search for felony or misdemeanor criminal charges by requesting records from the Wisconsin state repository. Wisconsin Public Records Search. First Name. Last Name.

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West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Look up Wisconsin records for a person's background history, criminal records and personal information such as property ownership and divorces. Request marriages, death records, birth records from the state. Access the state of Wisconsin courts for divorce filings and other civil cases.

Entities must also contact the appropriate County Clerk of Court for a judgment of conviction and criminal complaint related to any crime that is disclosed on a BID form but which does not appear on the DOJ Criminal History Report. These three items are to be retained with the employee's records and to be made available when requested by DQA staff for survey purposes.

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Other documentation must be obtained by the entity when information is needed to complete the background check, such as other state's conviction records, military discharge papers, arrest and conviction disposition information from local clerks of courts or tribal courts, etc. Topics A-Z.

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