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This caused her great distress as she was getting married in weeks from that day. Even more important, was the fact that she had been in contact via email on the Sidekick with the US Embassy in Russia securing a visa for her sister, her maid of honor, to come to the wedding. As soon as she realized that she had left it in the taxi, she contacted me and asked me to try and contact who ever found the phone. I proceeded to call the phone. After days of constant attempts of contacting the person s who found the phone, we gave up and decided to buy a new one. After visiting and calling many stores, we were finally able to purchase one June 2 nd.

When she activated her new Sidekick, Ivanna realized that the person who found the phone had been using it. We could see all this because the Sidekick works differently than most phones. When you replace the phone, T-Mobile downloads all the content to the new Sidekick from the old Sidekick.

One thing we immediately noticed was that the person who had found the phone had deleted all the reward text messages and emails. On top of that, the person had started using the Sidekick sending herself emails hours after my friend had left it in the taxi. So, all in all, we could determine that this person had purposely ignored the requests of the rightful owner. When she signed on, I sent her an instant message informing her that she had our phone and requested it back. I was rebuffed with cursing, racist comments, and illiterate sentences. She claimed that her friend found the phone and that she was keeping it.

I asked if it was the overweight person in the pictures we had obtained from the phone. He then got on the IM and started again with the racist comments as well as violence.

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I informed my friend of this conversation and was upset as me about this. I have lived in New York City most of my life, and have found cell phones, wallets, etc in the back of taxis as well as other places. I have returned every single item to their right full owner. In return, I have gotten back many items I have misplaced.

It is what is morally right. In that respect, I try to be as courteous to everyone as I wish them to be to me. To have someone confronted with your property and blatantly refuse to give it back, was not only morally reprehensible but also a crime. When someone finds your lost item, they have a certain time period to attempt to find the owner. After that period lapses, then they are permitted to keep the found item.

If the owner contacts you, then you are obligated by law to return that item. I decided to do something about this and follow up with what I had warned them I would do and post their info online. The online story:. I decided not to post the picture of a baby and her little brother. My website previously had only been visited by my friends never receiving more than 1, hits a month.

After a couple hours I started receiving a large amount of email to a new address I had created just for this story. I then posted the page on Digg. By the time I went to sleep that night, the page had received almost 50, unique visits. By June 7 th , it had gotten , I received more and more emails from visitors including an NYPD officer who told me I should go to the police to have them handle this matter. When I posted this info, I received emails from people in the military as well as veterans who were shocked at this kind of behavior from a fellow serviceman. By the next day, I was getting millions of visitors.

There were hundreds of thousands of website pointing to mine according to Google. I was also getting 3, emails a day. This kind of response was amazing. People who lived in Corona had found the real address of Sasha. Either from extreme research or from actually knowing them. I was even sent a pic of the brother in uniform which I was told was against protocol for him to wear. So from the information emailed to me, I was able to determine their real address, that Sasha was a 16 year old girl with a baby, Gordo was 25 and lived with her family, and her brother was about 25 and had just graduated from his military class I was informed of this by a member in his graduating class.

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I requested people to not visit her house or contact her in person in any way. Since posting their online info, they had received thousands of emails demanding that they return what was not theirs. Their Myspace accounts had been barraged with comments as well. I also informed people on the page that the fact that they were Puerto Rican and I was white had no factor in the story. It was about what was right, regardless of race, religion, etc.

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Also in the emails was multiple request from news outlets such as radio, newspaper, and TV. Most of the interviews were on the phone, with some news outlets such as the New York Times saying that they would need to confirm the story before printing. I looked forward to this as I had started receiving emails from viewers who felt that this page was either a false story or that I was a viral ad for T-Mobile. By June 9 th , I was receiving millions upon millions of hits.

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The brother had emailed me again repeating his story that his sister had bought the phone from a taxi driver and would not return it because then she would be out the money. I returned the email saying that this story made no sense as she had already said she got the phone from her friend, as well as the fact that we had offered her a reward and would have happily replaced any money she had spent. Basically this means that no matter how you buy an item, you are legally responsible for the authenticity for the purchase. I decided to bring up a forum so I could try and answer questions in a larger scale, rather than just answer 1 by 1 as I was in the emails.

Plus, a pretty neat Cloud Text feature lets you send and receive text messages from your home PC via the Cloud Text web app at cloudtext. Cloud Text wirelessly syncs your messages with your Sidekick so the conversation thread stays up to date. DriveSmart is also preloaded on the device, this app is able to send messages directly to voicemail. We found the web surfing experience on the Sidekick 4G to be very speedy.

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This could also be due to the fact that T-Mobile has been aggressively building up their 4G network since we last tested their other 4G devices. Photos taken outside tend to be sharp with good color reproduction and not too much grain.

Indoor shots also tend to be grainy and washed out. Plus, there is no flash, so that makes taking indoor shots even more difficult in a dark area. Plus, there is also a front-facing camera which can be used with the bundled Qik app. We got about 7 hours of battery life with frequent use. Volume gets nice and loud on the Sidekick 4G.

Our calling experience was also very good — we could hear callers loud and clearly, and they said the same of us. The Sidekick 4G has come along way from the previous generation Sidekick running the Danger operating system. Is it a hip phone that all the cool kids will like? Furthermore the device is still cool enough that young people on a budget, will choose it over another a more ordinary or business-like smartphone. The Good: Fast 4G Speeds, durable hardware, solid performance, great display, camera lacks a flash, solid multimedia and social media integration.

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