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Selfie Camera. InBuilt Memory. Battery Size. Screen Size. Display Type. Mobile Type. Mobile Features. Spec Score. Mobile Price Lists. Advantage Samsung Mobile in the world of Smartphones. One of the top manufacturers of mobile phones in the world today is Samsung. They have been able to create a blend of useable features with competitive prices to make each smartphone readily accessible to the average person. With affordable prices on basic models and competitive prices on the most advanced models available today, you're certain to be able to find your preferred mobile phone at the perfect price!

Are you ready to begin the shopping process to select your new Samsung mobile phone? What would you like to have your new Samsung mobile phone be able to do? This manufacturer makes a wide range of phones that have some of the hottest features on the market today! Here is just a select example of what some of today's best phones can provide.

The modern Samsung mobile phone may also come equipped with a full keyboard so your SMS texting can be done quickly. You may have the option for onscreen typing using slide technology to make messaging even faster!

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It all depends on what your lifestyle demands, what your budget prefers, and how much memory you need to be able to accomplish your needs. It always boils down to the specific features of each mobile phone to determine the best combination of features and pricing. With a comprehensive set of specifications available for each mobile phone, you'll be able to quickly see what comes in the package, what the MP of each primary and secondary camera happen to be, and even what the user interface system happens to be.

The entry-level feature phones were more priceworthy than the first generation mobile phones in Bangladesh and it offered many more features at the same time. It is because, by that time the technology was advancing faster, the market was growing, new brands were bringing new ideas and offers. Finnish brand Nokia was leading the feature phone market alone at that time. Phones like Nokia , ,, , , led the local as well as global scene.

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Now there are many more brands that are offering decent quality devices with modest pricing. But Nokia still remains the most trustworthy name in this category. Samsung is another reliable name for the bar phone consumers that value consistent quality and durability. In Mid 20th century, the first generation smartphones arrived in the market. Nokia kept its leading place with its N series smartphones.

BlackBerry was another respectable name in the first-generation smartphone years. There were still no touchscreen, apps, etc. Accessing the internet was slowly getting more popular, but it was still possible only via a much slower GPRS technology since the 3G network arrived in Bangladesh in the year The first generation smartphones were finely designed with improved camera quality and higher internal storage.

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Storing photos, Mp3 audio files, MP4 or video files, various ringtones, mobile themes etc. Within just one year of its launch, Android started to reshape the market entirely. Android phones started to get attention in Bangladesh after the Launch of 3G network in Q4 Symphony and Samsung were the leading names in the first years of Android in this south-east Asian country.

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