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The Petitioner, or person who will be filing the divorce court case, decides: How do I want to legally end this relationship? The choices are: Divorce Legal separation Annulment If choosing a divorce, do I qualify for a summary dissolution? Click here to find out Can I file in California? If yes, what county or counties can I file in?

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Click here to find out How much will filing cost me? Download the fee schedule here What are the special divorce procedures in my local court in my county? What local forms and how many copies do I need? Click here to find out Step 2. Am I able to communicate with my spouse to try and figure out an agreement about the terms of our divorce or legal separation?

If we can, we may save on filing fees and time by having to go to court less We can work out our disagreements with a mediator instead of a judge Step 3. The petitioner the person who will file completes all the required forms Click here to download forms Step 4. Types of marriages Prenuptial agreement Cohabitation Concubinage Common-law marriage Civil union Domestic partnership. Validity of marriages. Void and Voidable marriages Annulment Marriage fraud. Dissolution of marriages. Parenting coordinator U. Other issues. Private international law. Family and criminal code or criminal law.

Child abuse Domestic violence Incest Child selling. Main article: Grounds for divorce United States. Main article: Qualified domestic relations order. Marriage in the United States Family structure in the United States Divorce demography Divorce of same-sex couples Divorce party Emancipation of minors Fear of commitment Implications of divorce Legal separation Men's rights movement Relationship counseling Religion and divorce.

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How to File an Original Petition for Divorce in Texas

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How to Draft Your Own Texas Divorce Petition

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Hyattsville, Md. Family Relations. Huffington Post. However, divorce experts caution that the opposite is true. Because the same holds true for liabilities like debt and credit cards, couples should be sure to consider all factors when doing their financial planning. However, Narris recommended that individuals take time to collect evidence before a split. Along with taking pictures of assets, individuals should make copies of account statements and jot down any important numbers.

Preparation is key if you hope to come out ahead in court. When it comes to divorce, almost all property is fair game. There could also be stiff penalties, including monetary sanctions. People who pay alimony are rarely grateful for the opportunity.

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Paying alimony can actually help you out come tax time, however. According to Narris, people who pay alimony to their exes can write it off as a tax deduction. On the other hand, those who receive alimony must report it as taxable income. Not so lucky is the payer, as there is no tax break for money transferred during the divorce process. According to Denmon, spouses who are receiving real estate, stocks or bonds need to understand that taxable gains can leave them vulnerable. If you are currently being supported by your spouse, you might want to consider taking the time to dust off your resume and freshen up your skill set before seeking a divorce.

Normally, one person in a household manages the finances.

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So what can you do to protect yourself? Seek professional help to guide you in making more informed decisions about finances being filing for divorce. Doing this will help you come out swinging when you get your day in court. One way to cut down on these expenses is to use a mediator. If you want to keep your divorce details behind closed doors while cutting costs, a mediator might be the best bet for both you and your bank account. According to Narris, many people mistakenly believe that their house is their biggest asset when it is actually a retirement or pension account.

Even if your retirement account is less than robust now, the court will likely consider its future value when dividing assets. The attorney should advise you but also respect your position on how to approach the negotiations. For best results, go with your gut feeling. Divorce attorneys note that many clients fail to remove former spouses from their beneficiary designations. For best results, handle beneficiary designations and other tedious paperwork as soon as possible.

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When it comes to court-ordered attorney fees, the judge can throw the offending spouse in jail for failing to pay. In light of these regulations, Denmon advises that spouses who are receiving financial help have language drafted into agreements clarifying how much money must be paid and by what date. Clients typically strive to get as much as possible in a divorce. However, according Russell Luna, a certified divorce financial analyst in Colorado, higher incomes can disqualify individuals from important tax deductions. In light of this fact, individuals might not want all the items they originally requested in a divorce.