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An out-of-state marriage license cannot be used. Yes, there is a mandatory 3 three day waiting period. While Sundays and holidays are included in the three days, the day the application is made is not.

For example, if you apply on Friday, your license will be issued on or after Monday. If you are not married within the 60 days after your license was granted, you must apply for a new license. If either person was previously married, joined in a civil union, a registered domestic partnership, or other legally binding relationship recognized by another state, this relationship must be legally dissolved meaning your divorce must be final before applying for a Massachusetts marriage license.

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Although state statute stipulates a fee for a marriage license, it also allows cities and towns by a vote of their city councils, boards of selectmen or town meeting or by a change in the by-laws to set their own fee. A pre-marital blood test is not required as part of the process of obtaining a license to be married in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed.

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If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit. You must be 18 years of age or older. However, if either party is in the military, or is incarcerated, intentions may be filed by either party, provided one is a Massachusetts resident. Yes, same-sex couples can get married in Massachusetts. One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is determining who will actually perform the ceremony.

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There are three 3 primary groups of people that can legally solemnize a marriage in Massachusetts:. A resident clergy member and others as defined in MGL Chapter , Section 38 , provided they are registered with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. A non-resident clergy member and others as defined in MGL Chapter , Section 39 can apply to legally perform a marriage in Massachusetts by submitting a Petition to Solemnize Marriage with the Secretary of the Commonwealth no more than six weeks before the ceremony.

Want a friend or family member to perform the ceremony? The application must be in at least six weeks, but no more than three months, before the ceremony is to take place.

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Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. For more information regarding Massachusetts marriage license laws please visit www. Marriage License Laws. All Rights Reserved. East Bridgewater.

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How to Apply for a Marriage License

East Longmeadow. Fall River. The marriage may take place anywhere in Massachusetts during the sixty 60 days following the date of filing Intentions and after satisfying the three 3 day waiting period. A pre-marital blood test is not required as part of the process of obtaining a license to be married in the Commonwealth due to a significant change in the General Laws effective January 28, Following the ceremony and marriage, the clergyman or Justice of the Peace should provide some proof of marriage.

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  • The license may not be copied. The clergyman or Justice of the Peace will file the original marriage license in the place where it was issued by the tenth 10th day of the next month and then it is possible for the couple to obtain certified copies of their license. Anyone anticipating marriage is strongly encouraged to call the City Clerk's Office to confirm the requirements for obtaining a marriage license as there are exceptions to the general requirements outlined here.