Obama birth certificate a lie

The first lady's comments in her memoir mark a break from her typical rhetoric, which has largely steered away from criticizing the president by name even as she has continued to voice her condemnation for Trump's policies and bombast. Michelle Obama also shared more personal details in her book, including that both of her daughters were conceived via in vitro fertilization, much of the process for which she handled on her own while Barack Obama was away serving in the Illinois state Legislature.

Trump on Friday morning responded to Obama's criticisms, and hit back at her husband, former President Barack Obama instead. Is President Obama even an American citizen? This unanswered question could be put to rest by simply producing Obama's original birth certificate. However, because President Obama has sealed his personal records and refuses to release a certified copy of his original birth certificate, the question continues to be asked. Like all questions that are not properly answered, it will not go away.

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In addition to the birth certificate question, there are numerous other issues of transparency and trust that have caused President Obama's credibility with the American public to quickly wane. The authors of Born To Lie are not birthers the label given by Obama's supporters to any and all who question the validity of his citizenship. They are patriotic Americans with legitimate concerns who just want our President to tell the truth about his agenda of change. Please note: This is a PDF file download.

CNN: President Obama releases birth certificate

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Spring 2011: Trump joins the movement

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