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First use of the full state name on passenger plates. Some plates issued during featured a wider 'W' in the state name. I and O not used as suffix letters in this serial format in addition to Q. Embossed black serial on reflective yellow to gradient white plate; "New Jersey" screened in black centered at top; black outlines for registration stickers at top corners. Letters I, O and Q not used in serials; this practice continues today. Between and , plates used Avery reflective sheeting instead of 3M reflective sheeting. Issued to trucks and buses weighing at least 13 tons.

Serials became screened at ASA. Current highest serial seen: AWF on September 15, Issued to construction vehicles, in groups of five each plate in the group is distinguished by the small number in its serial, between 1 and 5. Issued annually until International Symbol of Access at left.

Vanity Handicapped plates also issued. Issued to vehicles that are at least 25 years old and are used for exhibition purposes.

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Serials became screened at around QQ. Current highest serial seen: QQ on September 29, Serials became screened at around Q Current highest serial seen: Q on April 13, Replaced Livery plate. Current highest serial seen: OLK on July 9, Current serial format began ; serials became screened at around 2ZFA1.

Current highest serial seen: 4HHS1 on October 5, Vanity and Courtesy Motorcycle plates also issued.

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Issued to vehicles owned by nonprofit organizations. Serials became screened at around NF Current highest serial seen: NF on July 3, Courtesy No Fee plates also issued. Current serial format began at OXV Current highest serial seen: OYB on October 24, Issued to small buses providing non-emergency medical transport. Alcoholic Vanity Plates are banned by New Jersey. Issued to full-size school buses seating 17 or more passengers. Serials became screened at KS1. Current highest serial seen: TS1 on October 7, Issued to small school buses seating under 17 passengers.

Serials became screened at S2-U Current highest serial seen: S2-Y on June 29, Taxicabs used Omnibus plates prior to July Current highest serial seen: OTE on February 11, Current highest serial seen: T on October 24, N, P and R series of serials issued. Current highest serial seen: R on October 12, Last issued ; stickers used for boat registration since at least Issued to vehicles used for the purpose of clam and oyster digging.

All-numeric serials used from onwards. Discontinued sometime after Issued mainly to construction dump trucks. Livery vehicles used their own plates from to , then Omnibus plates from until when the PUC LIM plate was introduced below. Replaced by Limousine in late Replaced by Livery in above. Issued to semi-trailers.

Replaced by Apportioned in The first two letters are a code signifying the municipality, and the last two letters are the mayor's initials. Knights of Columbus Columbianism. Disabled Veteran. Features the Ivy leaf. Plate features characters from Patrick McDonnell 's comic strip. Megan J. Silkowitz, Assistant Attorney General, of counsel; Ms. Harris, on the brief. Raksa, Assistant Attorney General, of counsel; Ms.

Wagner, on the brief. Complainant Robin B. Wojtkowiak appeals from the finding by the Division on Civil Rights Division that there is no probable cause justifying her complaint under N.

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See N. The EDDL system does not merely take photographs. The EDDL camera system is highly sensitive. It requires a particular pose, and any deviation from that pose, such as a tilt of the head or an exaggerated facial expression, causes the associated computer software to indicate that the image does not comply with the requirements.

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She said she suffered from agoraphobia and could not go to the MVC to renew her license, given the closure of the Berlin MVC location a few miles from her home. She requested an exception from the requirement that she appear in person to renew her license. In August , complainant again wrote the MVC, revealing she had been driving with an expired license almost every day for six years. She complained that without an ID, she was unable to write checks, do banking, obtain a passport, or add her name to the deed of her home.

She again asked for waiver of the requirement, and offered to supply a recent photo of herself. Robin Wojtkowiak is a 46 year old woman who is well known to our practice, having been our patient since Robin has a longstanding history of agoraphobia and gets uncomfortable anxious when out of her comfort zone. However, she is slowly progressing with exposure and desensitization techniques, and I am very hopeful for the future. I understand there is a question of her ability to drive. There is nothing medically to contraindicate her driving, and she tells me that she is totally able to drive comfortably within her safety zone of five miles from her home.

She tells me she drives everyday [sic] to stores, restaurants, gym, etc.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Traveling Agency is Coming to Elizabeth

Therefore, I do believe that Robin is physically and mentally able to handle the responsibilities of driving short distances alone. The MVC explained why it could not agree to waive the requirement. The MVC suggested that she appear at its nearest facility in Cherry Hill, and offered to schedule her appointment ahead of time, to arrange for her to be the first customer of the day, and to expedite her visit.

Complainant filed a complaint with the Division charging the MVC with discrimination. She demanded relief including compensatory damages. This accommodation has worked well with agoraphobic [persons] who have problems with crowds.

It is not a stand alone camera like the days when the mobile unit existed. The Division also found that the EDDL system is not mobile, and currently cannot be adapted to a mobile unit. The EDDL camera is mounted to the counter at the MVC locations, and moving the camera would invalidate the warranty and maintenance agreement with the vendor. Although the MVC was looking into the possibility of creating a mobile unit capable of taking an EDDL photograph, the MVC was unable to predict when that would be accomplished due to the complex technology involved.

Rather, the investigation found that [the MVC] offered alternative access to its services. Complainant appeals.

Mercer Cnty. See Hermann v. Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. After conducting an investigation, the Director must determine whether there is probable cause of discriminatory conduct. State, N. We must hew to our limited standard of review. The LAD and its accompanying regulations have evolved to protect the disabled from discrimination.

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Victor v. The LAD provides in N. All persons shall have the opportunity. This opportunity is recognized as and declared to be a civil right. It is unlawful discrimination to refuse, withhold, or deny that opportunity, or to discriminate in furnishing it, on account of disability. The MVC does not dispute its locations are places of public accommodation. Dumont Pub. Moorestown Twp. A plaintiff claiming a mental disability has the burden to prove that disability. Viscik v.