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What can I do if my email address can't be found during a password reset for my Instagram account? If you're having this issue, try the following: On Android, tap Get help signing in on the login screen. Enter your Instagram username, email or phone number, then tap Next. On iPhone, tap Forgot password on the login screen. Enter your Instagram username or phone number, then tap Send Login Link. If you've previously linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can reset your password using your Facebook account by tapping Reset using Facebook.

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In many cases, these leads just need a gentle reminder that you exist. Sometimes the best approach to take is a blunt, straightforward one. This is especially true if you sell in the B2B realm. This template, sent to us by Stacy Caprio, the founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing , addresses objections the recipient may have, and offers a way to solve them.

Hi Stacy, I have tried reaching out a few times—although unsuccessfully—about [reason for reaching out]. You have taken a bunch of meetings in the past full of empty promises and overpriced solutions. This template is great for B2B customers or high-level decision makers such as C-suite executives. These folks are typically very busy and a straightforward email like this will likely work best. Marc Afzal is a real estate investor.

I know it can be frustrating finding the best solution to selling your home, so I am always straightforward with clients like yourself who have inquired about selling their property but have not moved forward. As you can tell, this script is very considerate of the recipient. It goes out of its way to ensure that replying is as simple as possible. Going electric goes beyond saving the environment—it can also have a huge impact on your wallet. If I can answer any additional questions, please feel free to let me know.

Rather, it reels lost leads back in with the promise of something valuable like access to content the recipient will enjoy consuming. But of course, if the recipient is interested in making a purchase, the template is sure to invite them to get back in touch.

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I also was composing an email to a cruise line today. I went to remove a letter in a word and all of a sudden I was looking at one of my folders. I just now tried control Z but nothing happened. Any suggestions please. I was not answering an email I was composing one. As the article described, you are very likely out of luck. The reasons varied. I was composing an email and I saved it several times. I got called away from my work, and when I came back I had timed out.


How can I find what I had saved? I, too, have suffered by having a lengthy email accidentally disappear just as I was finishing it. So save, save, save…….

This disappearing email as I compose it is becoming a big problem now for me in outlook express. It use to happen periodically. Now the cursor jumps at random into another part of the email continually and emails under composition totally disappear. What a mess. All I do to get my message back, is hit Ctrl Z ….. Maybe this will help YOU, too. Good luck. It happened to me multiple times that my drafts would suddenly be highlighted and in a flash disappear. I know the panic. Then a friend showed me how to retrieve the draft.

Answer: Ctrl Z. I am a touch-typist and found the text of my emails suddenly disappear never to be found again. I assumed that I had hit a combination of keys that represented some kind of shortcut. I use a Dell Desktop.

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I never experienced this problem before, so tried to simulate it. I did try the Ctrl Z solution from above. A person I know told me that he used a key combination which he has forgotten to hide his text if somebody seemed to want to look over his shoulder. One tip to keep from losing what you type into a browser input field, such as emails, FaceBook, article comments etc.

When done, I copy and paste it into the browser window. Another benefit to this is that I have saved copy of saving what I typed which I can choose to keep or delete. I lose email stuff when I accidentally hit a key around right Shift key. I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. That is the undo key combination, and it works with most computers and most programs. I, too, will be in the middle of typing a reply and shazam, gone!

Is there not a real solution? Unfortunately, data entry on a web form of which the email writing window is can be fragile sometimes. Due to either quirks in the web site or quirks in the browser often caused by buggy add-ins. It went poofff in thin air. Can i retrieve it pls.? Just had the same thing happen to me. That is, I replied to an email and then switched to another email for an instant and my message was gone.

But I was able to recover it! It was just the opposite. I lost my e-mail and found it in draft. I was told to send it to myself and to the person it was intended for. I did this but the message itself was not sent. This is just a guess, but from the sound of your question it sounds like you were composing an email, and then deleted it, lost it, the browser closed, or something to that effect.

The drafts folder will hold auto-save versions of any email you are composing. Your email client will be set to save on a certain timeframe, like every 5 minutes. I sat there flummoxed staring at my laptop mouth hanging open in dismay. Now there is no undo.

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I have mid sentence lost two very important gmails, never to be found again. I had saved some of it to notepad but not enough to make a cogent finish. There must be a middle ground between instant save and long timed save. Click here to see the other versions. Get your nicely- worded sentence or paragraph back. So good to use!!!!! I have an Android. I tried to get it to send by going to another place and I lost it. Is it lost forever? Probably, but it depends on your email account.