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The information provided in these databases is public record and available through public information requests. The Department of Local Government Finance has compiled this information in an easy-to-use format to assist Hoosiers in obtaining information about property taxes.

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Since the information displayed appears exactly as it is reported from each county, some formatting and other errors may be present. If a figure appears incorrect or inaccurate, you should contact the county auditor to verify its accuracy. Having problems accessing the information? The data contained in these searches comes directly from each county, so the format in the database may vary.

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Try a partial search by using just the street name without direction or type. Refund claims must be initiated within three years from date of payment. However, in the case of an appealed assessment, any refund must be automatically processed by the tax authorities immediately upon determination of the final taxable value. If the vehicle is owned by more than one person, then the birthday of the person's name that appears first on the title is used to determine the registration period.

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  8. Newly acquired vehicles must be registered within 30 days. Marion County is on the month staggered registration system. Vehicle tags are sold at the Tax Commissioner's Office. Some counties may have assigned location permits to another office. Please check with your county tax office for verification. Mobile homes that are temporarily located in the county and are owned by a business that is not located in the county should notify the board of tax assessors of their presence to avoid being cited for failure to apply for the location permit.

    Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury - Division of Property Assessments

    Every holder of a long-term note secured by real estate must have the security instrument recorded in the county where the real estate is located within 90 days. Municipal governing authorities also levy ad valorem tax and the city clerk is responsible for billing and collecting the city tax.

    In some counties, the municipal and county governments have entered an agreement to have the county tax commissioner collect all taxes in a single billing. In all counties, only the county tax commissioner is authorized to collect tax on motor vehicles.

    Marion County Unclaimed Property Search with KS Treasurer

    Want to find more County Property Tax Facts? County Property Tax Facts Marion. Table of contents.

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