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They're way too expensive! Call an Italian restaurant asking for Chinese food. This one is simple. Act flustered when the restaurant won't give you the food you want. Just follow the steps: [4] Restaurant employee: : "Hello? This is Bruno's -- we're an Italian restaurant. What kind of a racist are you? This is unbelievable! Call a local pizzeria and ask for a boneless pizza.

If they tell you that they don't serve it there, then criticize them for only having bones in their pizza.

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If they say what kind of pizza say that there is only one kind of boneless pizza. It's hilarious if done right! Apologise if the person is angered. Chances are if you prank call someone you don't know, you may upset people, so own up to your mistakes and don't make excuses. Yes No. Not Helpful 16 Helpful As long as you don't make any bomb or death threats or the like, prank calling is legal. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Supermarkets aren't usually there to save people, so you probably could prank call them. Not repeatedly though, as that could be seen as harassment, which will get you in trouble.

Stick to one prank call per person, to avoid annoying them further. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Call your crush and pretend to be someone else. You may also hang up the phone when he answers. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Could it be harmful if I say, "Hello, you just won one thousand dollars? Telemarketers lie like that all the time. Still, it's unkind to get people's hopes up like that. If the person I prank called finds out and pranks me back, should I go along with it when they call? This is one of the risks of making prank calls: you may get pranked back.

If you do not like getting pranked calls, then you should avoid making them in the first place. Not Helpful 18 Helpful If it's a friend, don't worry about it. Hopefully you're not prank calling strangers and leaving your home address Not Helpful 11 Helpful What do I do if I prank someone and they get upset and tell a teacher?

That should not be a problem if you make the phone call out of school. If you do it during school, you could get in trouble. If you do get in trouble in any way, just apologize, say you didn't mean to upset anyone, and don't do it again. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Yes, but remember that it will be easier for a family member to recognize your voice. Not Helpful 1 Helpful To block or even change the seen number, use a telephone proxy. Not Helpful 22 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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9 Funny Prank Call Ideas For When You're Really Bored - How To Prank Call Someone

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips You are less likely to get caught if you use a public payphone. You can also prank call from your computer. Try whospy. Remember to play safe and don't use threatening messages. Try to be in a quiet room. If you have friends around, make sure they are quiet. If there are any disruptive noises, the receiver may realise that it is a prank call.

You decide which Stern Show prank call was the funniest of the year

Don't stop talking unless you are interrupted. If you can't help laughing, act like it's a serious matter while on the phone, then laugh after you hang up. Make it seem like a normal phone call at first in order to gain the victim's trust, then start being stupid once they think you're legitimate.

For example: "Yes, is this the Lollipop House? Oh, I'm sorry. I must have the wrong sucker. Online "sound boards" are often popular for prank phone calls. They are programs that often combine clips from movies or television shows that, in the right contexts, can be used to effectively pull pranks e. Don't ring anyone who you think knows your voice because they might get mad at you and call your parents.

Top 19 Funny Prank Call Ideas

Never give out your name. Don't call someone multiple times in one day. They may think that the same person are calling them and may not answer the phone. Never call someone you know while they are close by. This should be common sense.

One well known and popular prank call is to pretend to be someone's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are stuck for what to say, ask them strange questions like, "Do you own a llama? If any popular radio station in your area does "gotcha" calls like Hamish and Andy in Australia or something similar, don't copy them; the victim will know immediately that it is a prank.

Another effective method to use for prank phone calls are using Text-to-Speech programs, which can disguise your voice so that the they don't know who you are! These programs can be found online. Call people and say you're taking a survey. This is the most effective way to get people to answer stupid questions.

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Try to confuse them by saying "I know your secret" or just randomly break out in song. Use an app with a voice disguise feature. Do not call the emergency service!.

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Here are some codes to block your phone number in different countries. If you're unsure about whether or not the code will work, give it a test run on a friend's phone first.

Warnings Never make prank calls that endanger the public. Making a phone call that involves a threat or hostile behavior, including physical and bomb threats, are illegal in all states and countries. These phone calls will be taken seriously by the authorities and should you engage in these behaviors you will be charged and even sent to prison. This is considered an act of terrorism. Never prank call the emergency services. Making a prank call to or your local emergency service number is a felony.

It wastes resources and if you choose to call emergency services for a non-emergency reason, the police will track down your information even if you try to hide your phone number and respond to the location.