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Will I receive confirmation of my booking? What are LABC's booking terms and conditions? What is a purchase order number? Where do I send my purchase order number? Will my invoice need to be paid before I attend a course? Who do I contact if I have invoicing queries?

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What if I haven't received the joining instructions? What do I need to bring with me to the course? What's the dress code? Who'll be running the course? Will lunch be provided? Can I transfer my place to someone else? I can't find the answer to my question! Why choose local council building control? What are the Building Regulations?

Can I enter my building project into as many Awards categories as I like?

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How do I make a winning awards entry? My question isn't answered on this page..? Can I view the entry forms prior to entering online so I know what the questions are? Do I have to pay to enter the awards? Does the Awards entry form have to be completed by my local authority building control surveyor? How do I submit an awards entry? I haven't received a link from Submittable? I want other people to contribute to the entry form. How do I do this? I want to access the entry form and return to it at a later date.

Can I do this? Enter information that is pertinent to your business. No predefined definitions exist for this option. Specify that an address book record can be used as a subledger in the JD Edwards General Accounting system. Any value other than blank indicates that a subledger is inactive. Examples include jobs that are closed, employees that have been terminated, or assets that have been disposed.

If a subledger becomes active again, set this field back to blank.

To use subledger information in the tables for reports but prevent transactions from posting to the record in the Account Balances table F , enter a value other than blank in this field. Select this option to indicate that the address book record is for an employee. This field is for informational purposes only. Use these fields to further classify address book records. For example, you can specify that a business is minority, female, or small business-owned. Enter the growth rate for the customer or supplier.

Enter up to 10 numeric characters to represent the growth rate. Enter the address book number of the parent company. The system uses this number to associate a particular address with a parent company or location. Any value that you enter in this field updates the Address Organizational Structure Master table F for the blank structure type. This address number must exist in the F table for validation purposes. Examples of address book records that would have a parent number include:.

To specify additional relationships between the primary address and other related addresses, complete this field. You can use this field for any secondary business address that relates to the primary address. For example:.

If you leave this field blank on an entry form, the system supplies the primary address from the Address Number field. This number must exist in the F table for validation purposes. Use these codes to group address book records for reports, mailings, and so on. Category codes are user-defined system 01, types 01 through Examples of category codes include:. Enter the first segment of a telephone number.

In the United States, the prefix is the three-digit area code. Enter the phone number without the prefix or special characters, such as hyphens or periods, that makes up the telephone number for an entity. You can use any applicable telephone number format for a country.

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This field is used in conjunction with the Prefix field AR1 , where you enter the first segment of the telephone number, which is called the area code in the United States. When you search for an address using a phone number, you must enter the number exactly as it is set up in the JD Edwards Address Book system, including any special characters. Enter a value for global location number. You manually enter the GLN provided to you by an external customer or vendor.

If you enter a value with less than 13 digits, the system adds preceding zeroes to complete the GLN value. If you manually enter a duplicate GLN, the system performs a validation check and displays an error message indicating that you are attempting to enter a duplicate GLN. The system uses this prefix along with next number functionality to assign internal GLNs to locations, business units, and so on.

After you enter an address book record, you can specify the names of individuals associated with that address on a who's who record. Each who's who record can contain business and personal information, mailing information, and a type code to identify the entry. This information is stored in the Address Book - Who's Who table.

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For each who's who record, you specify a type code that identifies the person's relationship with the address. For example, if you enter a person with whom you discuss billing information, you would enter type code B billing for that person. You can use a type code to specify which who's who entry to print on labels and to use for mailing addresses. When you enter information for a who's who record, you also can create an organization structure that represents the relationship between address book numbers and who's who entries.

After you create who's who records, you can attach additional information to each record, including:.

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For each who's who entry, you can enter one or more phone numbers. When you enter phone information, the system attaches the who's who line ID to the appropriate address book number. Phone information for who's who entries is stored in the Address Book - Phone Numbers table.

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For each who's who entry, you can enter one or more electronic mail and internet addresses. Electronic mail information for who's who entries is stored in the Electronic Address table F For each who's who entry, you can create a list of related people. For example, you can enter the name of an administrative assistant for a who's who record.

You can also attach phone numbers to each related person record. Related person information is stored in the Related Person table F When you enter contact information, you can also create an organization structure that represents the relationship between address book numbers and who's who entries. For each who's who record, you can enter multiple addresses. Within the list of alternate addresses, you can specify a primary address.