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This was standard practice decades ago in most states to try and protect the confidentiality of birth mothers. This oftentimes was due to the stigma of having the child out of wedlock. Once the adoption was finalized a new birth certificate is issued to your adoptive parents and the original is sealed and kept confidential by the state. In the past, almost every state had regulations and laws that required people who were adopted to file a court order to gain access to their original birth certificates. However, as of , only 25 states, DC, American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico require individuals who were adopted to obtain a court order.

There are steps you can take, even if your state keeps adoption records sealed, to obtain your original birth certificate. First, contact the clerk in the county in which you were adopted and ask how you can obtain your original birth certificate. The county clerk can be incredibly helpful educating you on the local rules regarding sealed adoption records and how to access them. You may need to get a petition form to petition the court for such records and the clerk can be helpful in providing these forms.

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Once the petition form is complete, the clerk will review and set a court date. Once this date is set, you will meet with the judge to explain why you need access to your adoption record information. This must be stressed that many, if not most, judges will require emergency situations and not personal reasons to open sealed adoption records. Medical reasons are usually the most prevalent reason why a judge would grant your request. Once a request is granted, the judge may give you immediate access or you will be requested to obtain a c onfidential intermediary to do so.

There are various reasons why you would want to find your original birth certificate. This may be to fulfill your own desires to know, curiosity or to begin a search and reunion process. Fees vary from county to county. Box St Paul, MN Copies of birth records can be obtained from any Local Registrar.

Any questions in regards to obtaining a certified birth copy, the telephone number is If paying by mail, please submit check, money order or credit information with your notarized application. An application and credit card information can also be faxed to Box Jackson, MS A recorded message may be reached on Box Jefferson City, MO Certified copies of most Missouri birth and death records are also available from local county health department or the Recorder of Deeds in St.

Louis City. For details, please contact these offices directly. If event occurred in St. Louis City , St. Please include a legal size self-addressed stamped envelope. To verify current fees on birth and death records, the telephone number is A valid photo ID is required for walk-in applicants. A signature is required. Notarized requests are required for mail-in orders. Notary date must be the same as the date of application. Box Helena, MT If this is not available, the applicant must either provide a clear and readable copy of two other forms of current identification with one having a signature or have their request notarized.

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Address: Nebraska Vital Records P. Box Lincoln, NE If birth occurred before then, write the State office for information.

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All requests must include a photocopy of the requestor's valid government-issued photo identification, i. For earlier records, write to County Recorder in county where event occurred. The applicant MUST include a copy of a photo ID with the request and proof of relationship to verify direct and tangible interest. Copies of records may be obtained from State office or from City or Town Clerk in place where birth occurred. Applicant must submit a written request and a photo ID with signature of the requestor or notarized assignment of access from registrant authorizing non-direct or tangibly related individual access and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Box Trenton, NJ For older records, please see information for the State Archives. All requests must include a copy of the requestor's valid identification, payment of the appropriate fee and proof of relationship to the individual listed on the vital record. A State or local Registrar may issue a certified copy of a vital record only to persons who establish themselves as the subject of the vital record, the subject's parent, legal guardian or legal representative, spouse, child, grandchild or sibling, if of legal age, to a State or Federal agency for official purposes, pursuant to court order or under other emergent circumstances as determined by the Commissioner.

All other applicants will be issued a Certification that state the document is not for identification or legal purposes. Box Albuquerque, NM For records before in Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers, or before in any other city, write to Registrar of Vital Statistics in city where event occurred. Payment of mail order copies submitted from foreign countries must be made by a check drawn on a United States bank or by an international money order.

For all types of State and local issued copies, the applicant is required to provide government issued photo identification. If you would like to mail an application to the NYC Health Department, please be aware that applications must be notarized and processing time is at least 30 days. A copy of a valid photo ID and a signed application is required for all certificate requests.

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The years to are incomplete. Copies are generally processed within working days after request is received. This is an automated attendant with a recorded message. Box Saipan, MP Records from to are incomplete. Money order or bank cashiers check should be made payable toCommonwealth Healthcare Corporation. To verify current fees, call or For earlier birth and death records, write to the Probate Court in the county where the event occurred.

A copy of a current legal photo ID from the applicant is required, as well as a completed application and appropriate fees. To verify current fees, the telephone number is ext. The telephone number for the Oregon State Archives is and the fax number is Oregon State Archives has birth records for the City of Portland from to and statewide delayed birth records from to Address: Oregon Vital Records P.

Box Portland, OR Address: Division of Vital Records P. Box New Castle, PA. The telephone number is Pennsylvania birth certificates prior to can be accessed through the courthouse in the county where the person was born. Registrants over 60 years of age and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces can obtain copies of their birth records free of charge.

Maximum three 3 copies per registrant per year.

Payment method via money orders, which should be made payable to the Secretary of Treasury. Neither cash, personal nor bank checks are accepted. To verify the current fees, the telephone number is Ext. Veterans must submit a copy of their DD or Veterans Affairs Identification card to receive benefits.

In general, copies can be obtained at the time of the occurrence. To verify current fees after office hours, the telephone number is To verify current fees and general information during office hours, please call the Health Hot Line at All requests must be accompanied by a photocopy of the applicant's valid government-issued picture identification, e.


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In lieu of a valid government-issued picture identification, two pieces of mail are accepted showing the correct name and address of the individual requesting the record. In June, the State of Rhode Island passed a law allowing adult adoptees born in Rhode Island access to a non-certified copy of their unaltered, original birth certificate. If you are an adoptee who was born in Rhode Island and you are age 25 or older, you can request a non-certified copy of your original, pre-adoption birth record from the State Office of Vital Records. According to state law, we can only release your record to you, the adoptee.

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Relatives cannot request copies of your record on your behalf. In lieu of valid government-issued picture identification, two pieces of mail are accepted showing the correct name and address of the individual requesting the record. The required search fee includes one 1 certification, if record is located. To verify current fees the telephone number is Mail-in applicants must send in a clear copy of a government-issued photo ID OR have their signature notarized. Birth enumeration records by school district are available for July through June Box Austin, TX Most Texas.

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Mail-in requests must be made by personal check or money order made payable to the DSHS. Identification is now required for the purchase of a Utah Birth Certificate.

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Mailed request must include an enlarged and easily identifiable photocopy of the back and front of your identification. If no proofs are enclosed, your application will be returned. Remarks: Records more than five years old as early as Box Richmond, VA Croix, VI Thomas, VI Box Olympia, WA Both offices may need to be queried but it is recommended that for births before that county offices be queried first. Box Madison, WI Records before October 1, , are very incomplete. Customers should use a state birth certificate application form to apply.

A copy of a valid photo ID and a signature is required of the applicant. A stamped, self-addressed business size 10 envelope should be included with the request. After years birth records are available through WY State Archives. A personal check is accepted only if personalized with the name and current address of individual signing the request.