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How do I report stolen license plates in Connecticut? If one or both of your license plates are stolen, notify the police department immediately and obtain a police report. Expect to pay extra for your plate. If your registration or plates cannot be read by law enforcement, you can be ticketed for failing to display proper tags or providing proper documentation.

How to Register a Car in Connecticut

This notice will include the following: Registration Renewal fee. Emissions test requirements.

Notification of delinquency issues. A new registration certificate, which is located in the middle of the notice some have complained this is easy to miss, so make sure that you do not throw it away. The title is often provided a month after the registration is completed. Most vehicles must undergo VIN verification and emissions testing to register and title.

Connecticut Vehicle Registration Renewal Guide

The processing time for a title can take approximately 30 days or longer to be completed after the date of the vehicle registration. If it came from a private seller, the buyer needs to process the paperwork itself.

The DMV may apply charges that are usually covered by the dealer. If the title is not acquired in time, it can be re-applied for free 90 days after the initial request. However, they must first confirm your non-receipt. Afterward, they may provide a new title within 30 days.

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Request a replacement title at a Connecticut DMV office near you. The lienholder gets the title if the car has a lien. The same rule applies to replacement title requests.

While we have made a great deal of progress in addressing these issues, and have significantly reduced them, there will be some cases where people receive tax bills from the wrong town. It is important that if anyone receives a tax bill from the wrong town, they contact the town that issued the bill as soon as possible so that the bill can be forwarded to the correct town.

Officials advised residents that if they received a tax bill from a municipality in which they did not reside or in which they did not have a vehicle both as of October 1, , they need to contact their assessor to request a transfer to the correct town or city of residency as of October 1, Customers who need information to make a registration address change at DMV can go to ct.

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There are also several services customers can obtain online at DMV now.