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If you're comfortable signing your documents online, we're comfortable kicking in Progressive's sign online discount. Simply opt to receive your documents via email, and we'll automatically provide a discount. This is dependent on signing your documents online, and is in addition to our sign online discount. Pay in full not quite right for you? That's okay!

Customer Service and Claims

When you purchase your policy, we'll give you a discount for setting up automatic payments from a checking account. You cannot combine the automatic payment and pay in full discounts. Compare similar coverages at a handful of companies and see the best price. We'll show our rate first and let you compare it against competitors. See more on comparing rates. You get to tell us what you want to pay! Try it and we'll show you a range of coverages in your budget.

See more on the Name Your Price Tool. Shrink your deductible in case of a claim! This is an optional coverage that will slightly increase your policy's cost. If you've been a Progressive customer for at least five years, with no accidents in the last three years, your rate will not increase if you have an accident. We know you want to save as much as you can. But do you want the lowest possible rate even if that means less coverage? If so, check out our cheap car insurance tips. You may also call your insurance agent for this purpose if you signed up through an agent rather than directly online at Progressive.

In that case, you can save yourself a great deal of money with a simple phone call. Now, make a choice that works with your needs and your wallet! Do any of the average monthly premiums on the table above look like steals to you? You might find success with one of these insurance providers.

Customer Service and Claims

Some insurance companies will take care of the cancellation process with your old company, which can save you some time and hassle. Ask if your new insurance company offers this service. In addition, the new insurance company may be willing to cover the cost of any cancellation fees to encourage you to switch. The Progressive agent will probably try to talk you into keeping your existing policy.

The Progressive agent will probably ask you some questions about your new policy, such as the name of the new insurer, the policy number and the date when the policy is scheduled to start. Make sure you have this information handy when you place the call.

This can be quite a significant amount of money if you prepaid your policy for a year and are switching insurance companies fairly early on. Progressive will send you a check in the mail, and you should get it within a few weeks.

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