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Over the weekend, state employee Tiffany Allen set up a booth for residents to apply for replacements to their Louisiana-issued IDs. Allen sent the young man away, telling him to come back later when a more thorough procedure for handling such cases would be in place. The company, which maintains data on most adult Americans, has donated its data services to the Red Cross to help identify evacuees at shelters.

Those requesting services are asked to provide some basic personal information, including telephone numbers, previous addresses, or Social Security numbers if available. Vetting victims, volunteers at shelters Lee said the Red Cross implements a second tier of identity verification tools to make sure only legitimate victims receive assistance, and to track assistance given to each individual.

But the methods are hardly foolproof.

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The Red Cross and other organizations are also dealing with the problem of vetting the identity of volunteers. Last week, a Red Cross volunteer at the Monroe Civic Center in Louisiana was accused of accosting three females, including two children. He later was found to be on parole for manslaughter. Those who reached Florida can go to any state motor vehicle agency and apply for a Florida license free of charge, said Frank Penela, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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Financial documents lost, too People needing to replace financial instruments such as credit cards may also face hassles, said Kevin Watson, CEO of Florida-based identity management firm Verid Inc. Adding to the problem, the rise of identity thieves, who often try to change a consumer's address in order to steal replacement cards. Since credit card firms are now sensitive to that criminal pattern, they could delay evacuees filing legitimate change of address requests, Watson said.

But credit card issuers say they are trying to smooth the process, and so far, say there have been few problems. On its Web site, Visa says displaced persons can obtain replacement cards within 24 hours, wherever they are, as long as delivery agents can reach them.

REAL ID Document Check

Proof of identity shall be one 1 source document from the following list: Valid, unexpired U. Certified copy of a birth certificate filed with a State Office of Vital Statistics or equivalent agency in the individual's state of birth. Department of State. Unexpired foreign passport with a valid, unexpired U. DMV will maintain copies of the documentation presented, and maintain a record of both the recorded name and the name on the primary source documents.

Proof of Lawful Presence must have a minimum of 30 days remaining. Learner Permit.

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Note: Hormones or surgery are no longer a requirement for being able to change your gender marker on BC or federal documents. If you were not born in BC and wish to update your birth certificate, you will need to contact the government agency responsible for issuing birth certificates wherever you were born. These documents are not identity documents.

Therefore, they can only be amended to correct errors made by Canadian immigration officials in recording the information you provided when you applied to come to Canada. This service is open to all trans people. At times, they may be able to pay fees associated with this process. All Rights Reserved.

Proof of identity

This page provides links to provincial and federal services that you can use to change your name, gender or sex designation on identity documents. Change of name. If changing both name and gender marker at the same time, make sure your documentation for both is processed before ordering a new physical copy of your identification. Vital statistics legal changes of name.

Vital statistics will issue a Certificate of Change of Name which also changes your birth record if born in BC.

You will need to apply separately with your updated name to be sent a physical copy of the updated birth certificate. Need Certificate of Change of Name.