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The North Carolina sex offender record search may contain the following:. The North Carolina criminal check by county may contain the following:. In North Carolina had a total violent crime rate of incidents per , individuals, which was lower than the U.

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Of the violent crime incidents, 5. Share this: Tweet. Follow InstantCriminalChecks. All criminal history information received by the provider is confidential and may not be disclosed, except to the applicant as provided in subsection c of this section.

For purposes of this subsection, the term "private entity" means a business regularly engaged in conducting criminal history record checks utilizing public records obtained from a State agency. The fact of conviction of a relevant offense alone shall not be a bar to employment; however, the listed factors shall be considered by the provider.

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If the provider disqualifies an applicant after consideration of the relevant factors, then the provider may disclose information contained in the criminal history record check that is relevant to the disqualification, but may not provide a copy of the criminal history record check to the applicant.

These crimes also include possession or sale of drugs in violation of the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act, Article 5 of Chapter 90 of the General Statutes, and alcohol-related offenses such as sale to underage persons in violation of G.

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Article 3A. If an applicant has not been employed in child care within the last days, a new application must be completed. What Disqualifies an Applicant? Multiple criteria are used when determining if an individual is qualified to work in licensed child care in NC.

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Some pending charges or convictions may also result in an automatic disqualification, or may require a different review process. Submit the report s , along with the Fingerprint Submission Release form to the Criminal Background Check Unit via mail, within seven 7 days from the date the NC application is completed in the Portal.

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All child care providers and household members who have incurred any pending charges, indictments or convictions other than minor traffic offenses since the last qualification letter was issued by the DHHS Criminal Background Check Unit must notify the operator of such charges within five business days or before returning to work, whichever comes first.