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Are you looking to attract a group of players to play some tennis? Use this tool to organize play sessions. Learn more. Go to Abingdon, Maryland to view scheduled play for the entire area, and not just this court location. Scheduled Play This tool will allow you to schedule play sessions at any court near you. Here's how it works: 1. Select the court, date and time. Select the playing levels you are looking for. Select the minimum number of players you need to play. Determine who can join. And that's it! Players can now join your scheduled play.

You can also add, or even invite players. Once the minimum number of players have joined, everyone will get an email letting them know it's on! You will be able to see all the players who have joined, and even post comments. When logged in, you can view all schedule play near you by clicking the scheduled play icon at the top right of every page:.

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Other Tennis Courts Nearby. Tennis Activities Underway Here. Tennis Players Playing Here. I understand the fundamentals of the game and enjoy playing but my skills are weak and my fitness needs a lot of work. I'm free most weekdays after Log in or register to post a comment. Review: You must be logged in to review courts.

Find an official network near you. Create a ladder league Create a team league Create a tournament. Other Searches 0 tennis networks in Abingdon 0 tennis leagues in Abingdon 0 tennis tournaments in Abingdon 33 tennis partners in Abingdon 88 tennis courts in Abingdon. Then you accessorize it with raw ingredients you cook yourself in the bubbling liquid. Instead, focus on lesser-seen dishes such as grilled eggplant with lemongrass beef and fried whole flounder with ginger sauce. Who makes the best burgers in DC right now? At his funky Adams Morgan pub, the menu of Creekstone patties and chicken sandwiches reads like a travel log.

Grab a few friends—and napkins—and make a night of it. On weekends, gather the troops for specials such as roast pig with plantains and an earthy pork-and-intestine stew. Of the handful of Yemeni restaurants here, this one shines brightest.

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The cuisine emphasizes the beauty of slow cooking. At a time when novella-thin diner-style burgers proliferate, these patties are unapologetically big and juicy, with the savor of a good steak. Our Capitol Hill lunch of choice? Digging into an oversize platter of fried food from this year-old diner inside Eastern Market.

The cash-only fare is classic DC—fried-whiting sandwiches, sweet-meat-packed crabcakes, and golden chicken with mumbo sauce. We especially love the place on weekends, when the stellar breakfast runs until pm—blueberry pancakes are legendary for a reason—and specials include Chesapeake soft-shells. The whole pork leg has been braised until fork-tender and deep-fried until crackling. A perfectly grilled Cuban sandwich? Garlicky fried chicken with black-bean-tinted rice? Or crisp-skinned pork shoulder with fried plantains? Make it easy and get all three.

Just save room for a guava-and-cream-cheese empanada with vanilla ice cream.

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Swipe the chicken into garlicky chili sauce, then dunk it in a bowl of rich chicken broth with egg noodles. Get them in sandwich or one-meat-plate form to stay within budget, or bring friends and go all-in on a family-style feast.

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The real show, though, is on the table, where bowls keep warm atop individual flames. Some of our favorite burgers can be found at this mod cafe devoted to Shaanxi-style snacks and noodles. Chili-flecked pea-nuts and skewers of grilled bean curd make a fitting prelude. Also good: Skewers of lamb, pork, chicken, and beef; sesame dumplings; knife-cut noodles; cold skin noodles with vinegar and peanuts.

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In fact, the oddball locale has become part of the charm for Szechuan heat-seekers. Harrison St. Scallion pancakes, puffed as big as Mylar balloons, sail through these restaurants run by the star Chinese chef Peter Chang. Take your cue from the other tables and order one—for the dough, dotted with bubbles, but also for the terrific curry dip that comes alongside. Along with the caramelized meat, be sure to get a bit of fried egg, pickled vegetables, pork skin, and rice on the fork before swiping the whole bite in fish sauce spiked with house-made chili paste.

What sets this cafe apart from other Vietnamese soup shops? The ginger-laced beef broth, yes, but also house-made condiments such as lemongrass paste and chili sauce. The menu is a trove of noodles—rice and egg, fat and skinny, crisp and soft—many in the same preparation. Go for crunchy calamari, a bountiful chopped salad, or eggplant Parmesan over twirls of spaghetti. We tend to refrain from loading toppings onto the Neapolitan pies and let clean flavors—buffalo mozzarella, basil—shine. And did we mention breads?

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Pies cooked in the wood-fired oven can feed two. Of the plus topping combinations, we like simpler arrangements, such as the certified Margherita D. So often they start out exciting and wind up tasting one-note. A stunning exception: the Indian concoctions at this Navy Yard spot, dreamed up by Sahil Rahman and Rahul Vinod , whose dads own Indique, and served in a date-worthy setting.

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Sop up the chili-red sauce with flatbread still steaming from the tandoor. Nathan Anda sources humanely raised animals and crafts clever charcuterie across most of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group eateries. At these butcher shops, his meat mastery is on display in sandwich form. The toughest tables to get at the Eden Center are at this chic Vietnamese bistro, no matter what time of day.

For good reason: The wide-ranging menu excels with both commonplace dishes a crackly-skinned roast quail, vermicelli topped with grilled pork and lesser-seen discoveries, such as snails in coconut cream and a duck-feet salad. The lean protein is vividly spiced and grilled at this Nepalese restaurant.

For those willing to stretch their budget, the restaurant serves solid cocktails with spheres of ice. Kudos to this Thai star, which has burned bright for 20 years. Yum salads are thrilling balancing acts—try curls of squid with lime, herbs, cashews, and dried shrimp—while house specials such as charcoal-grilled pork with chili-lime sauce are worth exploration.

The airtight list yields terrific ubiquities like drunken noodles, too. In a dining world where fast-casual abounds, we appreciate the slow still casual Yemeni food at these cozy restaurants even more. These 12 Peruvian chicken houses feel like fast-food joints, with their plastic trays and packaged sauces, and move with the efficiency of them, too. Ultra-light soup dumplings are the draw at this bustling cafe.

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On weekends, the place serves up a pan-fried version, less liquidy but no less delicious. Round out the meal with a salad of mustard greens and edamame, plus salt-baked ribs with noodle soup. Few local chefs get as creative with a tortilla as Victor Albisu , who stuffs them with the likes of Kung Pao shrimp or grilled chicken and yogurt. Each location has its pluses Falls Church is good for quick-grab, DC for happy hour and its own menu items, but across the board you can expect Albisu to take high-flying chances and usually stick the landing.