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Real Estate Records Request. Viewing Real Estate Records. Military Discharge. Military Discharge Services. Military Discharge Records Request. UCC Financing Statement. Request Copies. Legal, Audits and Tax Collections. Fictitious Business Names. File a Fictitious Business Name. General Info. Apply for a Marriage License. Schedule a Civil Ceremony. Divorce Record Info. Register as a Notary Public. Notary Fees. Notary Searches. Domestic Partnership. File for a Domestic Partnership.

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Professional Registrations. Process Server. A process in which income and gains on an investment are reinvested to grow further. When you earn compound interest, you earn interest on both the principal amount and the accumulated interest as it is earned. A person who receives goods that belong to someone else for future sale or other purpose. Although consignees are not the owners of the goods, they are accountable for them.

Goods that are in the hands of someone other than the owner for future sale or other purpose. The owner of goods that are in another person's hands for future sale or other purpose. Consolidated Financial Statements.

Financial statements that show the results of all operations under the parent company's control, including those of any subsidiaries. Construction Loan Note. A short-term obligation used to fund a construction project. In most cases, the issuers, such as a city government, will repay the note obligation by issuing a long-term bond. Contingent Beneficiary. A secondary beneficiary who receives insurance benefits if the primary beneficiary revokes his or her status, is ineligible, or is deceased. Contingent Liability. An obligation to pay if certain future events occur. This can also refer to a defined obligation for which the chances of payment are minimal.

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Controlling Interest. Direct or indirect ownership of voting shares sufficient to elect the majority of the board of directors of a corporation. Convertible Term Insurance. An insurance policy that allows the policyholder to convert the face amount of coverage in term insurance to an identical amount of whole life insurance. Corporate Bond. A debt security issued by a corporation that obligates the issuer to pay interest periodically and repay the principal at maturity.

Corporate bonds often have higher interest rates than government bonds due to possible default risk. Corporate Record Book. Maintaining the proper records is very important to assure limited liability to corporate shareholders. The corporation should have a record book that contains a copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, initial and subsequent minutes of directors and shareholders meetings and a stock register.

A group of people acting jointly for business and tax purposes who are able to incur debt and realize profit without immediate legal or taxable liabilities. A corporate entity allows its owners to attract outside capital by selling shares of ownership, protects the owners from liability beyond their investment outlay, provides for continuity of operations beyond the lives of the current owners and allows changes in ownership through the transfer of shares.

A reverse movement in the price of a stock, bond, commodity, or index that brings it more in line with its underlying fundamental value. An individual who signs a loan or credit card agreement along with the principal applicant and assumes responsibility for the outstanding balance if the applicant defaults. Covenant not to Compete. A clause in a contract that obligates one party to refrain from performing professional or business activities similar to those of the other party.

A federal program that allows parents to accumulate tax-free savings for a child's college education, formerly called the Education IRA. Credit 1.

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Legal obligation to make repayment at a later date for goods, services or money obtained through the extension of credit, or a promise to pay in the future. The cost of credit is usually referred to as a finance charge, interest or time-price differential. Credit 2. Entry recording an increase to a liability or owner's equity or revenue, or a reduction to an asset or expense. Credits are recorded in the right hand column of an account or a two-column book.

Opposite of debit. Credit Bureau. Clearinghouse of consumer credit information used by businesses to determine the credit. Credit History. A record of how a party has paid past debts.

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